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Easy riders – HP gets into graphic arts gear

Monday, 18 September 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Hewlett-Packard, new owner of the indigo press brand, is determined to build new business opportunities for commercial printers

Benny Landa may be the saddle of the new HP company, but Bill McGlynn, vice president and general manager, HP Digital Publishing Solutions is determined to come along for the ride.

Hewlett-Packard Company has announced plans to promote new business opportunities for commercial printers through a collaborative digital printing infrastructure. This open standards-based initiative is designed to drive pages to HP Indigo presses by integrating the publishing expertise of commercial printers with the needs of enterprise customers and their marketing and advertising agencies to generate demand.

“HP’s IPEX 2002 exhibition represents the first glimpse of our vision of the future for commercial digital printing,” said Bill McGlynn, vice president and general manager, HP Digital Publishing Solutions at IPEX. “Our primary goal is to create business opportunities across the value chain for the digital print and publishing industry.”

To facilitate widespread transition to this integrated environment, HP is introducing HP Production Flow, a centralized workflow management tool. It also is demonstrating HP Custom Publishing, a Web-based, integrated publishing tool, together with 11 partner solutions.

“For 25 years now, Indigo has been investing in the digital future of print. Since initiating a digital printing revolution at IPEX ’93, Indigo’s customers have benefited from a stable technology that has enjoyed continuous enhancement, providing opportunities for upgrading and up-trading when new presses were introduced,” said Indigo Founder Benny Landa. “In HP we have a company whose existing customer-base comprises the buyers of virtually all commercial print. This provides a powerful channel for delivering the message of HP Indigo digital printing to the corporate world.”

For commercial printers, the initiative is designed to increase print volume and the value of printed pages, to expand service offerings and to increase differentiation in an increasingly commodity-oriented industry. Marketing and advertising agencies can increase response rates for their clients’ campaigns through one-to-one marketing and help develop new areas of revenue. Enterprise customers can benefit from increased customer loyalty, more effective and timely customized marketing campaigns and a dramatic reduction in print collateral inventory.

New Look and Feel for HP Indigo Presses

As part of the launch of the HP Indigo Division, Indigo’s extensive line of field-proven digital presses for commercial, specialty and photofinishing applications have been given a new look and feel. Featured products at IPEX 2002 include the HP Indigo Press 3000 (formerly the Indigo UltraStream 2000), the HP Indigo Press 1000 (formerly the Indigo Platinum), the HP Indigo Press w3200 (formerly the Indigo Publisher 4000) and the HP Indigo Press ws4000 (formerly the Indigo Omnius WebStream 100).

These and other presses were showcased in a special “solutions-based” product arcade in the 1,390-square-meter HP Indigo booth at IPEX where visitors could view the digital printing of tangible on-demand products including brochures, personalized direct mail, labels, plastic cards and graphic overlays. The demonstrations illustrate the unlimited possibilities offered by HP’s digital offset colour technology, which combines ink on paper quality with five, six and seven colour printing on a wide range of paper, foil and plastic substrates.

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