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EFI boosts MIS with EIS

Thursday, 18 August 2005
By Print 21 Online Article

The Executive Information System (EIS) tool will be included free of charge with the next upgrade of EFI’s print management software, taking the form of a visual ‘dashboard’ that provides a graphic representation of real-time business information. EFI claims the tool received a fantastic response from customers since debuting at its annual Connect user conference in June.

EFI product manager Michael Henderson claims the tool presents a visual representation of a business’s current positioning, allowing users to ask questions and drill down for more detail. “This is a revolutionary advance over the current process of exporting data to a spreadsheet or printed report for tedious evaluation,” he says.

“Management teams can work with EIS to present information critical to key business decisions on the fly. The ability to refine the data by asking questions makes EIS an excellent working tool.”

The new software draws its strength from what EFI labels its OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) analysis service, as well as new data analysis and query tools to keep the process simple and intuitive.

Eric Holtsmark, sales director for EFI Asia Pacific, claims EIS will assist printers in understanding the information that has been collected. “EIS helps printers exploit the value of the information they’ve collected, providing a solid foundation for important business decisions,” he says. “We believe EIS will become the printer’s ‘GPS’, providing a high-level view of the business landscape while helping to map the path to success.”

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