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EFI has its eye set on speed

Thursday, 22 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

The combination of EFI’s Bestcolour-driven Colorproof XF highly scalable and client-based software with X-Rite’s latest Eye-One iSis has resulted in greater precision, according to EFI. The proofing system has been designed for jobs including high-end proofing, remote proofing, digital proofing, photo processing and fine art printing.

Version 3 of Colorproof XF contains new features and enhancements such as a new output option for gravure printers, a new production option for wide format environments and a Fiery option which integrates Fiery-driven digital output devices into the Colorproof XF workflow.

Jean Yves Billon, vice president for Worldwide OEM Business, X-Rite believes that these features put the Colorproof XF at the forefront of the proofing market. “The powerful combination of our new Eye-One iSis highly automated spectralchart reader and Colorproof XF further increases customers’ profitability and productivity,” he said.

The combination of the two companies was praised by Stefan Spiegal, general manager of Graphic Arts Solutions, EFI, who believes that customers will benefit from the new services. “Colorproof XF customers … will derive great benefit from X-Rite’s Eye-One iSis as the easy-to-use automated chart reader increases their speed and accuracy,” he said.

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