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EFI’s fully integrated Midmarket Print Suite

Sunday, 23 October 2016
By Print 21 Online Article

What is an MIS?

MIS: Management Information System

A Print MIS solution is an information system designed to serve the needs of a print production operation. This type of system integrates data from all departments and provides management with the information required to effectively run the business on a day-to-day basis, as well as to support strategic, long-term growth decisions.

A solid print MIS system can reduce touchpoints by increasing efficiencies, ultimately reducing costs.

Providing insight into the business, an MIS will allow you to make smart decisions instead of reactionary decisions, stay in better contact with your customers, and more efficiently manage your resources.

Typical labour savings once a Print Management Solution is implemented


  • 50% reduction in accounts payable payment preparation
  • 75% reduction in preparing and typing statements
  • 75% reduction in cheque preparation and posting


  • Up to 50% reduction in the cost of producing estimates


  • 25% reduction in posting and reporting

Job Costing:

  • 50% reduction in job cost preparation and billing

But that isn’t enough…

Your goal is to be the best in the print business; provide excellent service to your customers while minimising your costs. Choosing a powerhouse print MIS system is important, but it is just the beginning. Being able to provide your print customers with accurate and timely estimates, quick turn around times, and real-time communications all while keeping costs to a minimum requires all of your systems working together seamlessly. In addition, you need the confidence that the system you put in place today has the flexibility to grow with your business into the future.

The EFI Midmarket Print Suite

A comprehensive portfolio of solutions with end-to-end certified workflows that provide out-of-the box value. Designed, built, and validated for rapid evolution and Return on Investment (ROI). The suite is scalable to meet your needs today and grow with your business into the future.

More details here.


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