Sunday, 27 August 2017
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The EFI VUTEk LX3 Pro printer.

EFI’s white paper on LED ‘cool curing’, such as in the VUTEk LX3 Pro hybrid flatbed/roll printer, shows how the process can increase performance and lower total cost of ownership for wide-format production.

The cooler cure temperature of LED lamps allows printers to print on media that is thinner and heat-sensitive, such as thin films, specialty papers and corrugated, for example, that might otherwise be damaged or destroyed during other curing processes. The use of specialty and added-value media opens doors to unique, premium-margin applications.

It is also possible to print faster using LED ink than with aqueous and solvent inks, for example, which is particularly important for high-production applications. Since LED lamps are instant on/off and require less maintenance, your utilization, productivity and uptime is maximised.

Advancements in EFI hybrid flatbed/roll fed platform innovation and print head manufacturer technology have shifted the way we can think about and express the relation between quality modes and productivity, especially in terms of how they meet your customer’s demands—all while ensuring you achieve your profitability plans.

Andy Yarrow, EFI.

“Where EFI excels is in total cost of ownership, and that means productivity and efficiency. When buying equipment, people should look at not just the purchase of the engine, but what the long-term running costs of that engine will be and how productive it will be when it comes to running jobs. You get your money back much faster if you’ve got a cost-efficient, productive printer with a low cost per metre,” said Andy Yarrow, sales director at EFI Asia-Pacific.

The EFI VUTEk LX3 Pro is designed for high production throughput, higher volumes, and shorter lead times while maintaining image quality, and has the versatility to support the widest range of media and applications. It’s designed for POP productivity and packed with innovation only available from EFI.

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