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Monday, 20 March 2017
By Print 21 Online Article

With all the talk today about the importance of a good MIS system, EFI would like you to set aside some time at this years PacPrint to meet their expanded local MIS team and discuss  the unique advantages of EFI power house MIS solutions.

Being able to provide your print customers with accurate and timely estimates, quick turn around times, and real-time communications all while keeping costs to a minimum. Requires all of your systems, Marketing, Acquisition, Management, Pre Production, Production and Post Production to work together seamlessly. In addition, you need the confidence that the MIS system you put in place today has the flexibility to grow with your business’s ecosystem into the future.

EFI’s MIS solutions are your secret weapon to printing success. At its core is the Pace™ MIS system which provides a robust foundation for both your current and future printing needs. Encompassing your print business from customer order to shipment, EFI’s MIS solutions provide for:

• New revenue generation through better customer management and expanding your offering to customer and prospects.

• Production by maximising resource management such as machine interface, shop floor data, and shipping.

• Efficiency & Profitability are increased with optimised layout and planning, efficient estimating processes, and improved scheduling.

• Pre-production is more fully realised by maximising imposition and composition efficiencies with the ability to accurately determine the correct material for each job.

As an innovator and the market leader, capable and committed to invest in helping you adapt to changing market dynamics, EFI is ready and able to make a commitment to your business.


FREE PASS Come and see us at Pacprint 2017 Stand P45

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