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EFI’s one-stop digital shop

Wednesday, 10 October 2018
By Jake Nelson

EFI has shown off the benefits of its Digital Storefront web-to-print solution to a webinar audience across Australia and New Zealand. The software provides one-stop self-service to print customers.

Engagement: Joe Fedor, EFI.

Presented by Joe Fedor, print, web and marketing technologist at EFI, the webinar took 35 guests through what Digital Storefront has to offer, including the elimination of touchpoints and their associated costs.

Fedor stressed that automation is not just about the printing process itself, but what comes before and after the presses fire up. “Digital Storefront helps you be relevant and engage with your customers online,” he said.

Digital Storefront replaces physical forms or email orders with a one-stop interface that customers can use to submit their print jobs, whether they’re catalogue jobs using existing templates, or files uploaded by the customers themselves. All Digital Storefront packages come with SmartCanvas, which allows users to customise and tweak the design of their jobs before submitting them for print. No web design or coding experience is required to make use of Digital Storefront, with a variety of off-the-shelf themes available for printers’ e-commerce portals.

According to Megan Bisson, senior regional marketing for EFI Asia-Pacific, attendees were engaged with the webinar and gave a good response. “The feedback we received from attendees was positive. There were some good conversations going on, which we followed up afterwards, and people are interested in getting more information about Digital Storefront,” she said. “We dialled Joe in from the US for this, and he very much enjoyed the questions and conversations as well.”

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