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Energy security trumps emissions: PIAA

Friday, 04 August 2017
By Print 21 Online Article

PIAA chief Andrew Macaulay has told the Australian Chamber of Commerce (ACCI) that printers need immediate government action on energy security and affordability.

“Any concern about emissions takes a distant second place”: Andrew Macaulay, CEO PIAA

Macaulay attended an influential policy-defining debate over power supply at the General Council of ACCI in Brisbane and told council members that the situation was now critical.

“Energy security and affordability is the number one issue affecting industry in Australia, with a very real threat to businesses and the jobs they provide,” Macaulay said. “Printing Industries members are crying out in desperation at the crippling effect this has on their business and it is their voice we represent.

“Policy-makers need to realise that from an industry perspective, any concern about emissions takes a distant second place, well after concerns about unaffordable and unreliable energy supply bringing industry to its knees.

“This change in ACCI policy is a critical step in affecting instrumental change towards more secure and affordable energy, given ACCI’s role in providing counsel on government policy”.

The General Council is the policy making body of ACCI that represents over 300,000 businesses across all sectors of the economy.

Last week, South Australia senator Nick Xenophon told a Manufacturing Matters conference in Canberra that energy costs have become the manufacturing sector’s biggest challenge and could lead to job losses “in the tens of thousands.”




2 Responses to “Energy security trumps emissions: PIAA”

  1. August 04, 2017 at 4:34 pm,

    P. Rinter

    Further information on this policy can be found at the PIAA’s policy page

  2. August 07, 2017 at 12:43 pm,


    No it doesn’t.

    How about – let’s not sell off our electricity to Chinese billionaires who then unsurprisingly put the prices up?

    It’s criminal how the Liberal Party and their stooges have sold off our assets to people who are now sucking us dry, and using this as an excuse to shut down any new industries that may arise to challenge their mates who are in control of the electricity business.

    Next time you see your power bill and get angry, don’t blame the carbon tax (there isn’t one anymore) or attempts to reduce pollution (what the Liberal Party people sneeringly call “emissions”), blame the political and corporate scumbags who have sold you down the river.

    Does it feel good to know our industry is in the pocket of these people?

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