DES Seiko ColorPainter M64s

Monday, 04 May 2015
By Print 21 Online Article

First time showing of the Seiko wide format on the DES stand attracted plenty of attention at PrintEx and won for itself a Hot Pick award.

Promoted by DES as the fastest usable eco-solvent printer in the world, the Seiko ColorPainter M-64s also prints with rich glossy colours, media flexibility and low running costs, all in a wide format printer with unmatched reliability.

Recognising technology excellence. (l to r) DES new Victorian state manager Peter Way, Patrick Howard (Print21), and DES sales director Russell Cavenagh.

The Seiko ColorPainter M-64s is a flexible, reliable, high performance wide-format printer featuring better colour density and details at high speeds. The combination of high-viscosity inks and  advanced printheads produce vivid images.

According to Peter Way, DES Victorian manager, one of the virtues of the ColorPainter is its reliability. “You can just let it run, it’s user-friendly. People can run it unattended all night. Not many machines you can that with.”

He is backed up by Russell Cavenagh, sales director, who describes the ColorPainter as ” the professional’s choice for wide format. It’s fast, it’s simple to operate and the colours are brilliant,” he said.

The ColorPainter M64s on the DES stand at PrintEx is high performance 64 inch (1626mm) machine utilizing a combination of high-viscosity inks and advanced printheads to produce razor sharp, crisp images.

It is a productive combination of advanced engineering that uses Seiko’s own SX inks to deliver stunning colour density while keeping solvent odour to a minimum. SX inks boast excellent outdoor durability without lamination and the fine pedigree from previous generation Seiko printers means that the M-64s is still leader of the pack for backlit sign production.

More Details In Dark Areas, Better Backlit Graphics

Our high density inks use less carriers and more pigments, so each dot is more crisp – providing better clarity and detail.

The world’s first solvent-based fluorescent inks

The neon inks, the world’s first solvent-based fluorescent inks for wide format inkjet printers, vastly expand the application of the ColorPainter W series. The neon inks are available in two colors, Neon Yellow and Neon Pink, which are used in combination with the ColorPainter GX ink set. The neon inks can be printed not only as “Spot colors”, but also as part of traditional CMYK “Process color”. Mixing those two colors with other colors also gives fluorescent effect to the other colors, creating a wide range of interesting and unique output possibilities.

The printed image has eye catching vividness under the normal lighting and it glows under black lighting, so they are suitable for various eye catching indoor*2 applications.

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