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Entries open for Pride In Print

Monday, 15 December 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Pride In Print Awards revamp to reflect new trends in the print industry.

According to awards manager, Sue Archibald (pictured), there are a number of changes to categories.

“One of the changes is in Category 8 which used to cover only Business Forms. This has now been remodeled to cover the wider concept of ‘Business Print’. All types of business-oriented print jobs have now been brought into the one category, which groups together annual reports, stationery and forms both reelfed and sheetfed,” she said.

Another change is in Category 10c, which forms a sub-group of “Specialty Products and Processes”. Category 10c is now called “Personalisation – Creative use of Print in Direct Marketing”. This has been devised to accommodate direct marketing jobs which can include innovative postage, handling and distribution solutions.

A third change comes in Category 11, which is for “Industry Development – all processes”. This is an opportunity to showcase products, processes and business developments that represent innovations within the NZ market.

To further assist entrants find the right category for their work, six sub-categories have been formed, namely:

* 11(a) Self-Promotion for the Printing Industry
* 11(b) Export Award
* 11(c) Innovation in the Printed Product
* 11(d) Innovation in the Print Business
* 11(e) Innovative use or Design of a Barcode
* 11(f) Innovation for the Environment

Entries are now open for materials printed in New Zealand between 1 January and 31 December 2008. As a special offer to encourage early entries, work received before 21 December will only cost $45 each, compared to the standard price of $60.

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