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Epson debuts new dye sub printer

Tuesday, 15 May 2018
By Jake Nelson

‘Faster and more economical,’: Ryan Warby, Epson, with the new SureColor F9360 dye sublimation printer.

Epson’s product expos, which have enjoyed plenty of interest in Melbourne and Brisbane, came to Western Sydney – and brought with them a brand-new dye sublimation printer, never before seen in Australia.

Nathan Fulcher, Epson.

The Sydney expo, held at Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club in Colebee, showcased Epson’s range of textile, sign and display, label, and graphics and fine art production printers to customers in Sydney’s west. Nathan Fulcher, marketing communications manager at Epson, said it was vital that Epson get out into the community and connect with its clients in this way. “It was a conscious decision to give businesses in this part of town the opportunity to get up close and personal with Epson’s suite of professional printing products.

“There are lot of print business operators out here, and to come all the way into the city for an event like this takes a lot of time out of the day. They’re busy people with businesses to run, and we wanted to give them that opportunity in a way where they could be back in the office within 20 minutes to half an hour,” Fulcher said.

While large trade shows are important to Epson, Fulcher said the format of the expo gives more control and more personal interaction with customers, and more are on the way – not just from Epson. “We’ve noticed that some of the other competing manufacturers are starting to hold similar events, and that’s because it really gives you a chance to get your products in front of the people who matter most: the end user,” he said.

Fulcher has hailed this expo, and the other events preceding it, as a success, saying there’s been a great reception and excellent opportunities for Epson to connect with its end users. “At the end of the day, our large format printers are mission critical for a lot of small to medium businesses, so it’s extremely important that we build relationships and rapport with end users.

“We’ve had a steady stream of both channel partners and customers. There’s been a lot of interest in the products in general,” he said.

The Western Sydney expo also marked the first time Epson’s new SureColor F9360 dye sublimation printer was shown in Australia. The machine on display was the only one to have arrived on Australian shores so far, and bore a serial number ending in 000001 as proof. Ryan Warby, national business development manager for sign and display at Epson, said the new dual-head printer attracted quite a bit of interest at the expo. “A lot of our current customers have come to see options for upgrading, but also customers with older products nearing the end of their lifespan are coming to look at an OEM solution,” he said.

The SureColor F9360 offers a number of advantages over its predecessor, the F9200, including speed and reliability, says Warby. “The speed definitely is an improvement. At a quality mode we can get a good 60 square metres per hour out of that machine,” he said. “Other features include reduced maintenance, and a higher density black ink through the product, which allows for more economical printing of black inks and dark colours.”

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