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Evolution: Spicers unveils new film range

Wednesday, 07 November 2018
By Print 21 Online Article

Samples of the Digitac range from Spicers.

Spicers has launched its new Digitac range of films for sign and display, which it bills as “an evolution in grip”. They include materials for both indoor and outdoor use.

Evolution: Harry Pagoulatos, Spicers.

Digitac can be printed on UV, Latex, and eco-solvent roll-to-roll machines, and has a wide variety of applications, says Harry Pagoulatos, marketing and business development manager at Spicers. “Evolution is driven by the demands of the environment. Natural selection ensures that creatures develop the best attributes to thrive in their habitat,” he said. “Digitac from Spicers mimics this evolution, with a diverse range of sign and display solutions.”

The range includes:

  • Digitac Popdot, recommended for short-term indoor campaigns and promotional use.
  • Digitac E-stat White and Clear, self-clinging static films for indoor promotional applications.
  • Digitac Floortac Indoor, a hard-wearing laminate with an R11 anti-slip rating, recommended for short-term indoor campaigns and promotional applications.
  • Digitac Floortac Outdoor, which uses aluminium construction for outdoor environments and has an R12 non-slip rating, suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Digitac Floortac Carpet, which can be applied to commercial short-pile carpets, has an R11 non-slip rating, and is recommended for retail shop campaigns, sponsorship targeted marketing, promotional events, way-finding, point of purchase, and facility safety flooring.

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