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Ferag introduces quality plates from Plurimetal

Friday, 10 October 2003
By Print 21 Online Article

It is the first time that Plurimetal plates have been marketed in Australia on a large scale and marks a significant development for the local industry.
“We are delighted to introduce the Plurimetal plate range to the Australian market,” said Markus Haefeli, managing director of Ferag Australia. “The addition of Plurimetal to our portfolio will greatly enhance our ability to provide a full range of quality products and services to our customers.”

“A sign of the high regard in which Plurimetal products are held overseas is the fact that, although they have never previously been sold in Australia on a large scale, the brand is already well known to many people in the local market. Plurimetal is a well-respected name in all markets with a reputation for technological excellence and quality manufacturing. I have no doubt that these products will be very well received by our customers.”

Ferag Australia has become widely regarded over the past couple of decades as a supplier of high quality finishing and mailing equipment. More recently, it has introduced an impressive portfolio of printing consumables in the Australian market and has expanded its product range to encompass prepress, press and post-press areas.

The Plurimetal brand is a part of the Lastra group, one of the world’s largest producers of printing plates. The Plurimetal range includes both analogue and digital plates for the newspaper and commercial web market as well as sheetfed printing. Ferag Australia intends to stock all plate sizes and types as well as the Plurimetal plate chemistry which includes items such as developers, gums and cleaners.

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