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Ferd. Rüesch confirmed as ‘strategic anchor investor’ in Heidelberg

Tuesday, 19 August 2014
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The Swiss label press manufacturer is now one of the largest shareholders in Heidelberg as the sale of his Gallus company is finalized.

Rüesch sold the remaining 20 percent of his business to give Heidelberg full ownership of the company. As part of the transaction Ferd. Rüesch AG was given 23,000,000 new Heidelberg shares at a face value of € 2.70. This equates to nine percent of the total Heidelberg shares. Without taking any other consideration into account it values Gallus at €310 million.

By issuing the new shares, the share capital of Heidelberg will be increased by € 58,880,000.00 to € 659,040,714.24.

In a statement Heidelberg said, the complete takeover accelerates the development and usage of digital products from Heidelberg in the growing labels sector.

The takeover comes as both businesses unveil a new digital printing system for the label market using Fujifilm technology at an international customer event in St. Gallen at the end of September. This label system is designed to meet the growing demand for a cost-effective production of short runs and customized labels.

It’s part of Heidelberg’s strategy to catch up in the digital space where it has gone through a number of different partners before settling for the time being on Ricoh and Fujifilm. In Australia and New Zealand Heidelberg and Gallus run separate operations with James Rodden as managing director for Gallus and Richard Timson as managing director of Heidelberg.


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