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Fespa Live Day 1: Massivit making big impact

Wednesday, 15 May 2019
By Wayne Robinson

Advertising opportunity: Abe Weiszberger, Massivit

Among all the flatbed and roll to roll printing systems at Fespa are some 3D printers, but only one produces the size to make a big impact: the Israeli manufactured  Massivit system.

Abe Weiszberger of Stick-on-Signs said the company was at Fespa promoting its 3D printers as a ‘complement’ to POS printing. He said, “We specialise in large format. The impact from Massivit is significantly more than just print.”

The Massivit 3D solutions are hollow, which allows them to be lit from the inside. Weiszberger said, “They are printed in UV, which means there is instant curing.”

According to Weiszberger, the main application is in advertising, with the Massivit able to recreate any product in supersize for effect. The Fespa stand had shoes, jackets, watches, and ten pin bowls among its items on display.

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