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Fespa Live: New Starleaton agencies to deliver end-to-end solutions

Wednesday, 15 May 2019
By Wayne Robinson

Industry supplier Starleaton is focused on bringing end-to-end solutions from Fespa for a range of applications to Australian printers.

End to end solutions: John Buitenkamp (left), Starleaton

Speaking to Print21 on the calender systems Klieverik stand, Starleaton product manager John Buitenkamp said, “End-to-end workflow solutions are key. Starleaton is able to provide complete systems with hardware, software and consumables. Automating the workflow will deliver tremendous efficiencies. Starleaton is able to supply the complete proven package, from webshop though printing and finishing.”

Buitenkamp, and Cleiton Schneider, were on the Klieverik stand as it is a new agency for Starleaton, thanks to its tie in with EFI and its textile printers including FabriVu and Reggiani, which Starleaton supplies. Buitenkamp said, “Klieverik has an unmatched pedigree: it came out of the Stork business, and its commitment to quality is at the same level. For instance it uses oil drums, which provide the stability needed to heat the materials at a precise and consistent level.”

According to Buitenkamp, Klieverik products run for decades and are completely stable. He said, “Variations in temperature can have a significant impact on the ink in textile printing, impacting the colour particularly. Klieverik does not vary.”

Buitenkamp says the digital textile market is opening up in Australia and New Zealand. “Applications in soft signage, in home decor, in sportswear are significant. EFI has been investing strongly to provide the best solutions and it shows in what it has developed,” he said.

He also pointed to the new EFI Pro 30 F flatbed printer on show at Fespa, which is due to arrive in Australia later in the year.

Digitally printed fabrics are a growing advertising medium, and it comes as no surprise that digital cutting solutions such as the Zünd G3 cutter, which Starleaton bills as “innovative and universally applicable”, are in especially high demand for this application. At Fespa, a G3 cutting system demonstrates cutting textile rolls up to 3.2 m/10 ft wide; a Zünd D3 dual-beam cutting system and the Over Cutter Camera (OCC) are also on display.

Other global brands represented by Starleaton include Xrite, Coldenhove, Xpro, and Impulsa.

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