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Final enrolment call for new Sydney Print Sales course

Tuesday, 16 August 2011
By Print 21 Online Article

Printing Industries will launch a new Effective Sales in Print and Communications course in Sydney next Tuesday following its successful introduction in Victoria.

According to Ian Walz, national manager of learning and development at Printing Industries, the three-day course to be held at the association’s Auburn office is one of the most comprehensive on offer.

“These will be full days, no early marks for anyone. This course is interactive and full-on, teaching and testing candidates to ensure they understand and are able to implement what they have learned with their business customers.

“We are bringing Shane Maher from Melbourne to run the course at the same high standard that made its introduction in Victoria so successful and to ensure quality continuity. This is very important to organisations who operate in both states and need across-the-border consistency in training delivery,” he said.

Candidates undertaking the course, regardless of whether they are experienced sales people fine tuning their skills or beginners, will be assessed via written and practical application.

“Print and communications sales require specialist knowledge and we need to ensure that participants have this knowledge and are able to make practical and profitable use of it when they come into contact with clients.

“One of the ways we do this is by use of video so that the practical application of what has been learned can be monitored and fine tuned to take into account the personality and presentation ability of individual candidates. This is also used to track their progress,” said Walz (pictured).

Effective Sales in Print and Communications will cover motivation, managing self and leading others, positive belief systems, prospecting, determining buyer needs, selling benefits, selling value, gaining rapport and overcoming objections, closing techniques, creative proposals, success anchors, visualisation techniques, sales scripts, time management and major account development and on-going repeat sales.

Places are still available for companies wanting to have staff participate in Sydney over 23-25 August. For information on the Sydney course contact Ian Walz on (02) 8789 7362 E-mail:

The Victorian course is being run over 17 – 18 October and 24- 25 October and information is available from Bruce Lowery on (03) 8541 7304 E-mail:

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