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First NZ carbon neutral certification under new standard

Thursday, 05 April 2012
By Print 21 Online Article

Life insurance company, Sovereign, has become the first New Zealand-based recipient of a printed product certified carbon neutral under the new BSI British Standards-developed PAS 2050 life-cycle standard.

The publicly available standard certification, which assesses product life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions, was awarded to New Zealand’s largest life insurer after the company produced a 700 copy print run of 2012 diaries on Spicers’ carbonNZero-certified paper. This is the first such certification awarded in New Zealand.

Spicers Paper marketing manager, Carolyn Lockstone, says that, as the necessity for businesses to report their carbon footprint – particularly in Australia with the introduction of the carbon tax – carbon neutral products such as her company’s carboNZero certified paper, will become more important in the industry.

“In Australia, trading banks need to report on the carbon emissions created by their paper use, so it is a big breakthrough for carbon neutral paper and products to be available,” says Lockstone. “There is an increased expectation on organisations to demonstrate actions which reduce their environmental impacts, and consumers look for independent certification as proof they are walking the walk.”

Not only was Spicers’ paper production offset for carbon neutrality, but the company that printed the diaries, Soar Printing, also offset its production to remain carbon neutral. Additionally, Sovereign purchased carbon credits from the Tararua II wind farm project in NZ’s Palmerston North (pictured) to attain total carbon neutrality in the production of its diaries.

The insurance company’s CEO, Charles Anderson, says that, “Sovereign believe that sustainability is key to the long-term success of both our own business and the community around us and as part of this, it is important for Sovereign to reduce its environmental impact.

“By using carbon neutral paper and a carbon neutral printer, businesses can limit the impact on the environment for the printed material they consume,” he says.

The PAS 2050 life-cycle standard was developed by BSI British Standards, and co-sponsored by the Carbon Trust.

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