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First two HP Indigo 3000s for New Zealand

Monday, 05 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

MH Communicate in Auckland, and Scitronic Colour Systems in Wellington, sign up for top of the range digital presses from HP Indigo.

The installations, which are due by the end of the month, keep New Zealand at the forefront of digital printing technology. This brings the number of HP Indigo presses in the country to a total of seven.

Both companies are leaders in their fields; MH Communicate, which was one of the first Indigo users in the country, installing its original E-1000 nine years go, is well-known for its visual asset management expertise and digital printing activities. It is recognised as a leader in the field, focused on delivering communications supply-chain management solutions to global companies.

Scitronic Colour Systems is one of the leading prepress businesses in Wellington, recognised as a technology innovator, a pioneer Scitex site and later Creo’s largest New Zealand customer – a Lotem 800 CTP unit is scheduled for installation later this month.

New Zealand’s digital market has caught fire in the past year, according to Michael Mogridge, HP Indigo Manager for Australasia and Japan. “It was fairly static there for a while but now there is a lot of interest. And it’s not at the low end of the market. With these two 3000s and a few more in the pipeline, New Zealand will have almost as many high-volume machines as Australia.”

This was reinforced by Ian Wood, managing director of AM International the HP Indigo agent for New Zealand. He believes the market is recognising the benefits of the HP Indigo ink-based technology. “In a word, the differential is the ink. Printers recognise the benefits of printing with ink as opposed to toners.”

To meet the demand and ensure the success of its customers, AM International is increasing its HP Indigo service team to three full-time trained personnel, a service to installation ratio that is hard to beat.

“I’m a 40 year industry veteran and I began as a technician,” said Wood. “I understand that while the salesman may sell the first machine, it’s the service technicians that get you the second.”

He maintains that now is one of the best times in recent years for New Zealand printers to consider buying equipment due the strengthening economy and the dollar’s enhanced rate of exchange.

Designed for the most demanding production environments, the HP Indigo Press 3000 delivers up to seven-colour printing, high definition images and outstanding substrate selection. Throughput is geared to ensure fast time-to-market, reaching 4,000 four-colour A4 single sided images-per-hour (two-up) or 16,000 single-colour A4 images-per-hour (two-up).

For New Zealand contact: Ian Wood, AM International

For Australian contact: Phillip Rennell, Currie Group

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