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Monday, 12 February 2007
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With the CyraChrome team in attendance at this week’s Australasian Flexo Technical Association Forum at Terrigal, NSW, the focus is very much on Flexo and the new Asahi digital plates in particular. Asahi’s new DSH digital plate has some excellent properties that set it apart from other digital Flexo offerings, such as:

  • Damage Free Black Mask Layer: This layer is produced under an exclusive Asahi AFP Patent. The technology enables easy handling of unexposed digital plate material and makes it almost impossible to damage prior to the laser imaging of the plate.
  • Dispersion of Black Mask Layer: This layer disperses well in all major washout solvents currently available This is an important factor for maintaining plate stability
  • Higher Plate Elasticity: Asahi DSH has higher elasticity resulting in superior ink transfer when compared to competitive plates
  • Chipping Resistance: Asahi DSH has higher mechanical strength compared to competitive products resulting in reduced incidence of chipping in printing and processing when compared against alternative products and,
  • Processing Drying Time: The drying time in processing with the new DSH polymer plate technology is up to 40% less than competitive products, resulting in increased productivity.

Asahi plates continue to make inroads into the Australian packaging printers, whether they are film exposed or imaged CTP. The fastidious quality control at the factory in Fuji City, Japan is winning friends all over the world, including some of the highest profile consumer brands. FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is the acronym every brand manager knows, with the emphasis on ‘Fast.’
Asahi Flexo plates, with CyraChrome expertise, enable more predictable colour, sharper images and longer time on-press before new plates are needed. This all adds up to less downtime and a smoother concept-to-shelf transition, making those consumer goods move even faster!

As always, your ‘Flexo Friends’ Russell Robertson and Rob Glover are at the ready to assist in a consultative role, and help you get the best out of Flexo.
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