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Focus Press gets set for Canberra expansion

Tuesday, 13 August 2013
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Focus Press is getting set for a major expansion into the nation’s capital, with the company scouting around for a new Canberra site after buying PMP’s operations at Fyshwick.

The Canberra expansion marks Focus Press’s first foray into property and operations outside of NSW, with the company possessing two sites in Sydney and another greenfield site in Wollongong – which is still in its first year of operation – prior to July’s completion of the PMP Canberra acquisition.

According to David Fuller (pictured), Focus Press managing director, the move to take on the PMP operation in Fyshwick is a stepping-stone to the establishment of a larger Focus Press site in Canberra, which will combine the digital equipment from the former PMP site along with a host of new offset sheet fed equipment.

“We’re looking for a new site there in Canberra, so we’ll combine the new business across to the new site by Christmas this year,” said Fuller. “We’ll relocate what’s at the PMP facility and add to it.

“All the range of digital equipment from PMP will be moved across, and we’ll be adding to it with some sheetfed equipment. The existing former PMP site is just a bit too small with the additional sheetfed equipment. A five-colour plus coater will be going in, along with some finishing gear, but there’ll also be more to come,” he said.

Former Blue Star and PMP employees, along with others from further afield, will populate the new site. Although the PMP site’s staff were made redundant when Focus Press moved in, according to Fuller, a number were rehired under the new ownership, as were former Blue Star staff.

In fact, Focus ACT has taken on Ian O’Connor, former Blue Star ACT general manager, to run the Fyshwick site. Most of the former Blue Star staff were made redundant when the company sold its Canberra business to Opus Group in March.

“We’re just employing people as we see fit,” said Fuller. “We’ve employed some people from all different parts of Canberra – some from blue star and others from all around the pace.”

For Fuller, the move to Australia’s capital was prompted by the opportunity to capitalise on the departure of the Blue Star brand from that immediate market.

“The purchase was more about opportunities and taking opportunities as they pop up, and to be prepared for them,” said Fuller. “In Canberra we have a very strong presence. The PMP thing was an opportunity for us, as was Blue Star moving out.”

2 Responses to “Focus Press gets set for Canberra expansion”

  1. August 14, 2013 at 8:48 am,


    No mention of all this expansion being funded by $6.1m in taxpayer’s money then? We’re just supposed to think this is bold risk taking, good management and prudent investment?

    Hey Canberra printers – when this new site starts taking your work, just remember that they’re funding it all with money taken from your taxes.

    Here’s an idea too – why not cut out the middleman with your next BAS and just mail it straight to Focus? That should help with their “investment”.

  2. May 08, 2014 at 11:28 pm,

    Matt Aitken

    Ian O’connor should be proud! On stabbing his way to GM at Blue Star he assured us all he was the second coming. His failure at Blue Star blamed on others, this time he can carry his cross. Well done Ian you !!

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