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Free and easy – users hit on colour reference site

Thursday, 22 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

The Brisbane-based colour specialist (pictured below) launched a database of tips on his site this year and says that it was created as a response to growing miscommunication between suppliers and producers. “I formed the website for the same reason I formed the company,” he said. “After working in key roles for many of the mid to large-sized suppliers, I was both amazed and frustrated by the misinformation given to print producers, costing them both labour and consumable for no reason.”

The site is experiencing growth of 42 per cent each month, Rooney says, with many visitors coming from overseas. “The site continues to grow at a pace that wasn’t expected by us, with the international traffic outdoing Australian traffic on some months,” he says. Maintaining regular site maintenance, cielab has currently added an online colourshop store that Rooney describes as being “a very advanced and unbiased place to compare software, design accessories and other colour-related gear.”

Honesty is one of cielab’s strengths, Rooney says. Like other online stores such as, users can write about and rate products, telling others how well a solution has worked for their business. This was one of Rooney’s main aims with the site, and he hopes that it can continue to prosper.

“I didn’t form cielab to take over the world,” he says. “It was formed in the honest hope that I can help bring on some change for the better to the printing and related industries by offering totally free, unbiased and easy-to-understand information without any catches.”

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