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Free remote digital printer calibration software

Thursday, 19 October 2006
By Print21

The wizard-based software allows users at remote sites to calibrate their digital printers to GMG standards without purchasing or installing the ColourProof application themselves.

In the past, to calibrate a printer at remote site, users either had to purchase the proofing application themselves or use a test chart that was generated by a host system. This had to be returned via courier to the host company’s office, where it could be calibrated.

“Why should a print buyer be burdened with buying a proofing application just to calibrate their remote digital printer?” suggests Jim Summers, president of GMG Americas. “GMG wanted to simplify this process. That’s why we now offer a free, standalone application that allows a remote user to calibrate from their location with the help of a host ColourProof system.”

The new wizard-based user interface allows precise calibration, even for users with no previous colour experience or skills. When a user is ready to calibrate a system, the standalone calibration application sends a request to the host’s ColourProof system to send a test chart.

Once the test chart is printed to the remote, networked digital printer, the customer uses a spectrophotometer to enter the results into the application. Those results are automatically sent back to the host ColourProof system, which makes any necessary adjustments.

The Remote Calibration Wizard is fully compatible with all printers and measuring instruments that are supported by GMG, such as Epson, HP, and Canon printers and X-rite and Gretag measuring instruments. It supports GMG ColourProof’s built-in remote proofing capabilities, included with every system.

With the recently introduced HP Designjet Z2100 digital printer, the remote calibration process is even easier. Because this printer has its own, built-in spectrophotometer, remote calibration is fully automatic. The user just asks the system to calibrate the printer at the remote site, and the printer and GMG software do the rest, without any manual intervention.

“While remote proofing has been an afterthought, add-on with some products, GMG built in this feature over 15 years ago. All current and previous versions of GMG ColourProof include remote proofing, and this new tool makes administration of remote sites even easier,” remarks Summers. “The Remote Calibration Wizard is simply one more step in the evolution of an already great remote proofing solution.”

GMG in the region is supported by Kayell.

Rob Gatto

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