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Fujfilm power ups Intelligent workflows

Wednesday, 08 June 2016
By Print 21 Online Article

One of the most comprehensive workflow platforms for managing integrated production, XMF Workflow has been designed to meet the production demands of sheetfed, web, and digital print companies. Based on Adobe’s PDF Print Engine (APPE), XMF Workflow has, from its inception, led the way in combining the creative depth of Adobe’s Creative Suite applications with streamlined print production.

XMF Workflow brings together Fujifilm’s expertise in colour, imposition, and workflow production to allow printers to increase efficiency and productivity while maintaining high-quality production at all times.

The ‘one-screen’ interface allows the user to define proofing and printing workflows, to view job content and structure, and to set up and preview impositions.

Built for speed and efficiency

XMF Workflow has tools to improve efficiencies throughout your business, handling complex PDFs with ease. Using Fujifilm’s ‘Pure PDF’ implementation of the Adobe PDF Print Engine, XMF Workflow ensures that supplied files can be processed extremely quickly. And, because XMF Workflow uses the latest Adobe technology, keeping up with applications is simple.

Built for automation and flexibility.

Although easy to use, with a ‘one screen’ production window, XMF Workflow provides complete control and flexibility in production. And, with its JDF foundation, XMF Workflow is able to link easily to MIS systems, reducing job preparation time as well as providing real-time cost data. All the functions you would expect in a workflow available in XMF Workflow – pre-flighting, trapping, and, of course, colour management, all alongside Fujifilm’s advanced imposition functions.

Built to help you add value

Adding new services is key to retaining and gaining business. XMF Workflow enables you to create 3D digital mock- ups, complete with the ability to turn virtual pages in the viewer, showing the effects of different paper types, and allows you to send these as stand- alone 3D virtual proofs to clients. The 3D mock-ups are created from APPE-rendered pages and the production imposition scheme and are therefore as close a representation of the printed product as you can get without actually putting ink on paper.

The optional XMF Workflow Remote module adds powerful web browser-based online job submission, previewing, annotation, and approval. This enables you to expand the range of remote services you offer your customers, speeding up job hand- off, review, correction, and sign-off.

The 3D proof in XMF Workflow is created from the JDF imposition and rendered production files, giving the most accurate preview of content and form.

Built to reduce costs

Not only does XMF Workflow increase efficiency, but it can also reduce costs. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface requires very little training, saving both time and money. And, its support for unlimited Mac and PC workflow clients allows unlimited imposition clients without having to pay for additional user licences.

Built to last

Because XMF Workflow is built exclusively around the latest-generation APPE using Fujifilm’s ‘Pure PDF’ approach, it is considerably more efficient at handling the increasingly complex PDF files that both current and future creative applications will produce. This is complemented by integral JDF support, which delivers enhanced communication between applications, pre-press, press, and finishing equipment as part of an information-rich production environment, bringing full visibility of job progress and costs. XMF Workflow is also highly scalable, with the ability to add multiple additional servers to support growing production facilities or customer demand. Together, these factors make XMF Workflow a sound investment in the future of your print production.

XMF Workflow at a glance

Adobe PDF Print Engine: XMF Workflow is based on Adobe’s native PDF rasterizer, which is capable of rapidly processing the most complex PDFs with ease.

Pre-flighting: XMF Workflow can pre-flight and automatically correct common PDF errors as files enter the system.

Colour management: XMF Workflow incorporates advanced standalone colour capabilities and XMF ColorPath Organizer, a gateway to the XMF ColorPath cloud-based colour management system.

Trapping: XMF Workflow employs Adobe in-RIP trapping for automatic application of advanced trapping optimized for each output device.

XMF Workflow Impose: XMF Workflow applies sophisticated imposition as appropriate for digital, sheet-fed and web offset printing.

Section proofing: XMF Workflow offers the ability to use digital presses to create physical mock-ups of offset print jobs.

3D proofing: XMF Workflow can generate 3D proofs from APPE RIP’d data that can simulate different stock, finishing and folding options.

JDF Connect: XMF Workflow provides an open interface to MIS systems that allows automatic job creation directly from MIS. DFE JDF integration XMF Workflow supports open connectivity with the digital front- ends for a variety of digital print systems.



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