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Fuji Xerox Australia cracks half a billion in revenue

Thursday, 25 August 2005
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A spectacular 50 per cent increase in the number of colour prints being produced on the company’s engines fuelled a five per cent growth in revenue for 2004. Sales of office colour systems rose by more than 40 per cent, while sales of colour systems in the production environment also increased by 27 per cent.

Phil Chambers, managing director of Fuji Xerox Australia (pictured right), claims the results clearly demonstrate the company’s dominating market presence. “In the first half of the calendar year, we achieved a leadership position in most, if not all, of the key strategic markets in which we operate.”

“This has confirmed our position as one of the market leaders and we will continue to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations to retain this position,” says Mr. Chambers. “We are very optimistic about the future. During the first half of 2005, the trends of the previous 12 months have accelerated.

“In a buoyant market, overall revenue growth has increased with a strong performance from the three strategic growth areas of office multifunction colour devices, production services – both the black & white and colour business – as well as Fuji Xerox Global Services.

“Our total revenue growth to date is 13.5% whilst our equipment revenue has grown 23.3%. The unit sales in our office colour business are up by 41% supported by a 53.4% increase in colour print/copy volume. We have seen similar results in our production business with unit sales up by 74% and colour print volume up by 42.6%

“In response to this optimistic climate, we have invested considerably in additional sales coverage as well as market and business development activities. The outlook for the balance of 2005 is very positive and we see continued growth and demand for colour both in the production, office and document related services business.”

Strong growth in press installations – iGen3, DocuTech180 and Nuvera

Market penetration of the company’s digital flagship iGen3 (right) is proceeding as planned, with six systems already installed with another several planned before the end of the year. “Despite our success with the iGen3, I stay with my commitment to the market that we will not place more than 12 units in any one year period and that we will work closely with our customers to ensure a successful and profitable installation, ” he said.

The company has also seen strong growth with the recently launched DocuTech180 Highlight Colour Digital Press that has as its main application transactional documents with the capability to increase the effectiveness of personalised communication through ‘spot’ colour. This technology is particularly effective where the customer does not wish, at the present time, to move to full colour digital output.

The Nuvera range of monochrome production printers has also been well received with significant upgrade activity from the market-leading DocuTech and DocuPrint products.

In the ‘light’ production space, the Document Centre 900 and 1100, printing at 90 and 110 pages-per-minute respectively, have performed beyond Fuji Xerox’s expectations with over 100 units installed in the past four months.

Global Services will continue to grow

Another key growth area is the Fuji Xerox Australia Global Services business that provides on site document management services to commercial and government organizations. For the fifth year in a row, revenue growth from this business area has exceeded 50% with the main growth coming from the Document Supply Chain Services, Xerox Office Services, Imaging Services and Business Process Outsourcing. “We are predicting that growth will continue at this rate for the foreseeable future,” says Mr. Chambers.

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