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Fuji Xerox Australia offers presses made to order

Monday, 26 March 2012
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Australian printers get first dibs at the new low gloss dry ink option on the Color 800 / 1000 presses. The feature, currently unavailable in the US and Europe, is part of a host of press upgrades allowing print shops and mail houses to produce more jobs faster on a single machine.

Henryk Kraszewski (pictured), production colour marketing manager at Fuji Xerox Australia, said the low gloss formulation gives printers the opportunity to chase markets that prefer a flatter and more uniform output on uncoated or silk-coated stocks. “It also enhances the effect of clear dry ink for greater creative impact.

“We knew that Japan was working on a lower gloss option and said we need that for our market because of the types of stocks our customers run, so we pushed to get it launched here,” he said. “The new feature has been very well received in terms of customer feedback and the majority of new orders we are receiving are for this low gloss formulation.”

The new set of press enhancements can help commercial printers reduce the cost of jobs through automation, such as the full width array with the automated colour quality suite. This feature is designed to boost press uptime for more predictable and consistent output by automating many components of the print cycle.

“Printers are dealing with increasing numbers of more complex jobs such as bound books, booklets and magazines, which often have to be produced extremely rapidly while still maintaining perfect quality,” he said. “The Color 800/1000 Presses have been enhanced specifically to address this growth in demand, with new binding and finishing options offering commercial printers greater flexibility, control and response speed for these jobs.”

The new options now available for the 90 print shops using these two Color presses in Australia include a perfect binder, an inline GBC eBinder 200, and a modular inline Plockmatic Pro 30 Booklet Maker. Printers upgrading the presses can also connect to third-party finishing devices with the Finisher D5 option.

The Color 1000 Press at the Fuji Xerox Epicenter is configured with a high-capacity feeder, a high capacity stacker, perfect binder and a Plockmatic Pro 30 booklet maker.

According to Kraszewski, with all the new feeding and finishing options there are 550 different possible configurations for the Color 800 / 1000 presses. This means printers can customize and personalise presses to fit a business and get the most out of a single machine.

“Fuji Xerox has sought to support the commercial print industry with innovations aimed at the baseline of service excellence: print quality and turnaround time,” said Kraszewski.

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