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Fuji Xerox keeps the ball rolling

Wednesday, 19 March 2008
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After two years of global research, Fuji Xerox has unveiled a new corporate identity and logo.

Attitude-wise, Fuji Xerox proclaims that it is now committed to supporting customers’ businesses globally, as a partner who finds the right answers for their business issues while expanding its business areas to achieve further growth.

The company’s new logo is described as representing a "sphere of connectivity", with global connotations. It has been 13 years since Fuji Xerox has undergone a change of this nature. 1995 saw the introduction of its current corporate logo, ‘The Document Company – Fuji Xerox’.

Pictured (right): the new logo.

In Australia, Andy Lambert, managing director of Fuji Xerox welcomed the initiative.  "We see this as a very positive move and in keeping with where we are taking our organisation," he said.

"The new brand supports who we are as a business, how we collaborate with our customers and the innovation that sets us apart in our industry.  We are very excited about this change and what it represents."

Lambert said the Fuji Xerox Australia was currently in the process of adopting the campaign. "We will integrate the new identity across our business in the weeks to come and will continue to build on our history of delivering products and services that meet the needs of our customer in their quest for greater business efficiencies," he said.

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