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Fujifilm prepress goes it alone in management buyout

Thursday, 09 November 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

The company was originally established as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fujifilm in 1997, on the foundation of the old Crosfield business. It has been mainly responsible for the development of Fujifilm’s visible light CTP system. As the result of a decision made at a board of directors meeting, FFEI is branching out on its own as an independent company under its management.

“By becoming an independent company, FFEI Ltd. will play the role of a unique and strategic partner in support of Fujifilm’s CTP plate sales growth, but we will also have the opportunity to expand our equipment and software products into new markets and business areas,” says Andy Cook, managing director of the new company.

“Our existing customers will also benefit from this change through the improved focus on customer support and on-going product development; in both of these areas the business will continue working on in close cooperation with Fujifilm.”

Nobuaki Inoue, corporate vice president of FujiFilm’s graphic arts business, says the two companies will continue to maintain a close relationship, particularly in the areas of software and equipment development.

“Fujifilm’s long-term goal is to become the leading supplier in the CTP market and we see Violet CTP technology as an essential component to achieve this, says Inoue. “Fujifilm, as a total solution provider, will continue its commitment to the graphic arts business by accelerating its R&D of CTP systems and expanding in the new business field of digital printing, which is expected to penetrate the graphic arts market in the near future.”

Local Fujifilm management is currently in Singapore for a strategic meeting on the implications of the move, but promise an update when they arrive back on how the new arrangement will impact the local distribution of Fujifilm products. The new arrangements will not extend to FujiFilm’s plate and film business, and are unlikely to include its thermal CTP engines.

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