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Future Print is ‘meeting a real need in the market’ – Joan Grace

Tuesday, 14 October 2014
By Print 21 Online Article

Industry transformation project powers ahead with printers signing up for industry benchmarks while more than 200 apprentices clock on for further training.

The Future Print Business Transformation Project, launched last month, saw the completion of its first round of ‘Leadership Briefings’ in September and 124 businesses – almost 100% of attendees – have now signed up to continue to the next stage of the project.

These businesses are already being assessed for a ‘business snapshot’, in which key criteria from their business are measured against industry benchmarks, and will soon progress to more detailed ‘one on one’ workshop sessions with the project’s team of business advisors.

Joan Grace, Printing Industries General Manager for Innovation, Training & Employment, said the response is very pleasing, not only because it demonstrates that the key deliverables are being met – the project’s target was 100 businesses by the end of 2014 – but because it means the program is really hitting the mark with businesses.

“From a project point of view, it’s great to have clear proof that we are going to exceed our targets, but more importantly we are delighted to see that the mix of information, resources and support we’ve been able to put into place is meeting a real need in the market,” she said.

The Future Print Business Transformation Project was conceived to help the wider print and graphic communications sector better equip itself for the future, and this stage of the project will help participants evaluate their performance and identify areas for action – in particular, where the subsidised training available in the next stage of the project may be useful.

A second round of Leadership Briefings will be held in early 2015.

Meanwhile, Joan reports that the Future Print Apprenticeship Project is not only on target, having passed the milestone 200 apprentices involved, but has been revitalized by the feedback, ideas and suggestions received at the Apprenticeship Summit convened last month.

“As well as providing very interesting definitions and descriptions of print and its place in the wider graphic communications sector, the Summit participants provided a very optimistic assessment of the opportunities and potential of print in future, as well as a realistic and practical appraisal of the challenges we face,” Joan said.

“Their feedback, ideas and information are currently being evaluated and will help us make the training offered through Future Print even more effective over the coming year.

If you are interested in a Future Print Apprenticeship, have a position available for an apprentice, or would like to find out more about the next round of Future Print Business Briefings, go to




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