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Future Print develops ‘leaders of tomorrow’

Thursday, 07 April 2016
By Print 21 Online Article

Future Print has launched a new subsidised training program for supervisors and team leaders that will begin next month at Printing Industries’ headquarters in Sydney.

'It's vital that we invest': Bill Healey, PIAA

“We have partnered with Leadership Management Australia (LMA) to offer a heavily discounted course for young print and communication professionals,” says project head Bill Healey of the PIAA. “This program will help team leaders and supervisors gain the skills and confidence they need to progress to middle management by equipping them to accept more responsibility, build productive teams, plan team activities, set KPIs and monitor team performance.

“With so many bright and capable young people coming into our industry, it’s vital that we invest in them and equip them to take on these key positions in future. I would strongly encourage anyone who has aspirations to leadership, or employers who have identified young employees with real potential, to grab a copy of the brochure and consider enrolling.”

The brochure outlining the course – Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors – is now available from Printing Industries and provides a course outline, a schedule of proposed courses and details costs – which are based on the size of the business involved. Healey says the full cost is just over $3,000, of which 67% is subsidised by Government.

“This is a great program which will help newer team leaders and supervisors, as well as those transitioning into their first leadership role, to develop broader leadership and communications skills, and improve their ability to work with their team to achieve goals and performance objectives,” says Healey.

Future Print is now seeking expressions of interests in these courses, the first of which is set to commence on 17 May, 2016 at Printing Industries’ NSW head office. Other courses will be offered in other states depending on demand. Places at each course will be limited to between 12-20, so those who are interested are advised to get in fast. Those who successfully complete the assessment activities will gain their BSB30115 Certificate III in Business.

“One of the key needs identified by the Future Print program has been for a more structured approach to the development of the future leaders in the industry,” says Healey. “Our aging workforce will need to be supported by providing opportunities for young people who have entered the industry in junior positions, or those who have completed an apprenticeship, so that they are able to broaden their skills in key areas such as management, sales and marketing and business planning, which will equip them to take on those leadership roles in future.”

While Future Print currently offers a range of programs in these areas, Healey believes a more targeted approach is needed for those who have completed their trade or are on the ‘first rung’ of the management ladder.

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