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GAMAA takes wraps off workshop programme for 2007

Thursday, 16 November 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Samantha Crock, education manager for GAMAA, says the workshops planned for next year are designed to push trainees out of their comfort zone.

“Next year’s leadership workshop programme is designed to challenge participants to break through traditional modes of thought and behaviour, to step away from the daily working demands and reflect on personal and professional achievements,” says Crock.

“The three day residential workshops create a unique environment in which participants can explore their own strengths and weaknesses around given topics in a challenging and invigorating setting.”

Some of the courses planned for the workshop programme will include:

  • Building High Performing Teams: 3-5 May 2007, Melbourne

    In today’s competitive environment, one of the most under-developed resources is high performance teams, and their potential for adding to a company’s bottom line. Teams working seamlessly together can contribute up to 25 per cent more efficient services and create more intellectual capital as opposed to solo players.

    In this workshop participants, will experience what it takes to create and sustain high performance teams. The workshop will operate on three levels. Building expertise that contributes to high performance; practical teamwork and an examination of team dynamics (both within the formal structure of the workshop and without); and understanding the environment in which high performance teams operate.

  • Strategic Customer Focus: Aug 30 – Sept 1 2007, Sydney

    The digital revolution is creating a fundamental need to think differently about how business is done. Traditional strategies for success may well be paths to failure if businesses continue to use them without consideration of the shifting marketplace.

    To outperform competitors many companies make the mistake of imitating their rivals, rather than focusing on developing a new way of thinking and leading their company through that required change.

    Participants in this workshop will explore:

  • The mindsets of multiple stakeholders (both internal and external)
  • How to influence stakeholders
  • The concept of value creation and how to capture its role in strategy formation
  • Mental models around individual leadership styles and management of customer requirements
  • Aligning with customer requirements
  • Reviewing personal influencing skills and identifying ways to improve

    The GAMAA Workshop programme is open to all working in the graphics and printing industries. Visit the GAMAA website at for further information or to book email

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