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GASAA not happy with headline; Letter to the editor

Thursday, 02 November 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

It was disappointing to read your headline and teaser in your most recent Print21Online, about the Commonwealth Bank’s encouraging decision to return to direct relations with printers. It is unfortunate you chose to focus on the loss of CBA print business to Cyberlynx (part owned by the CBA) rather than what we consider is the real story, printers dealing directly again with this major print buyer.

The story GASAA broke, after going to great length to confirm with the bank, was a positive statement to the industry. It is a shame you did not pick-up on the statement posted on our website Comm Bank returns to dealing with printers directly – joins GASAA. At a time when industry associations like GASAA, and printers are working very hard to hold, or re-establish relations with major print buyers, it is a shame the emphasis of your piece was to dump on Cyberlynx. The response from Cyberlynx as reported by you, was both dignified and appropriate.

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