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Goss ends US manufacturing

Friday, 14 December 2018
By Wayne Robinson

Now manufactured in Augsburg: Goss presses

The final press has rolled off the production line at the Durham manufacturing unit of Goss, which is now part of the new manroland-Goss company.

All new manroland and Goss presses will now be built in Augsburg, although single width newspaper presses such as the Community and Magnum will now be built under licence by Goss Graphic Systems in China, which is part of the new Wisprint brand.

The new manroland Goss company claims 100 per cent of the heatset web press market outside of Japan. It has some 7,500 presses installed around the world.

The new Wisprint, which includes Goss Graphic Systems China, is a completely separate company, a new brand,owned by Shanghai Electric Company.

Wisprint will manufacture a range of web presses for newspapers, magazines and publication printing from a 38,000sqm nine hectare factory. Global sales director is well known Aussie and long timne Goss Australia boss Peter Kirwan.



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