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Government trashes industry-based workers compo

Wednesday, 19 March 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Printing Industries fires up following the NSW government’s refusal to issue licenses to industry-based schemes for workers compensation.

The decision has been met by fierce outrage and opposition by the group, which has spent $1 million over the last three years complying with legislative requirements in the development of an industry Specialised Workers Compensation Scheme that was scheduled to be submitted just after Easter.

"We have raised $8 million of industry backing for our scheme," said Philip Andersen, CEO of Printing Industries, Australia. "We have completed all due diligence and financial assessments and … all of a sudden they think it’s OK to just cancel the race."

Andersen described the decision as an abuse of monopoly power by a government afraid of competition. If it goes ahead, he believes the effects on printers will be severe.
"Our members have been waiting patiently for a better scheme for the past three years – they want out of the NSW scheme and into a better run, better managed, more responsive system that is in tune with today’s business needs, not more government monopolies," he said.

Not so happy … Philip Andersen (pictured) has issued a Call to Action.

"The government has an obligation to give adequate forward notice of such major decisions – or provide compensation – but they can’t have it both ways."

Printing Industries has called for urgent meetings to find a solution and is asking members of the public to join its Call to Action.

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