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Graph-Pak gets back into lamination films

Friday, 22 June 2018
By Jake Nelson
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Cosmo Films’ facility in Aurangabad, India.

Print and packaging supplier Graph-Pak has relaunched its lamination films business thanks to high customer demand, sourcing a wide range of consumable products from global manufacturer Cosmo Films.

Tom Ralph, Graph-Pak.

According to Tom Ralph, managing director of Graph-Pak, customers requested the supplier return to selling films after offloading that side of the business in 2011. “We’ve sold hundreds of laminating machines, and our customers trust us and know our service is first class,” he said. “We had a lot of people asking if we’d ever get back into laminating films, knowing we provided technical support and quality products at affordable prices.”

The films and foils are from Cosmo Films, an India-based manufacturer that’s among the largest in the world with operations in Korea and the United States. According to Ralph, they are ideal for the Autobond laminators Graph-Pak also supplies. “We’re sourcing from the biggest, so we have the largest range, and they’re the main supplier to the Autobond agents around the world as well so you know they’ll work well with our machines,” he said.

Graph-Pak has already sold more than 50 metric tonnes of laminating film this year alone, and is also offering it as a package deal with new laminating equipment. Ralph is very pleased with the response from Graph-Pak’s customers, and looks forward to continuing to meet their needs. “People are very happy we’re back in the game, the films are running well, we continue to meet requests – we source specialty films if the customer needs them,” he said.

One Response to “Graph-Pak gets back into lamination films”

  1. June 26, 2018 at 5:23 pm,


    Of course, the customers wanted them to get back into it, as they didn’t have enough choice!
    There is no possibility that Tom wanted get a share of the cake he sold a few years.
    Cosmo has been actively looking for another partner in the Australian market for a while now!

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