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Graphics Grab Bag – goings on around the printing traps this week

Friday, 02 November 2018
By Patrick Howard

Adriano Gut shows off the swissQprint.

Out this week to CMP, otherwise known as Clarke Murphy Print, in Chatswood to witness the performance of its latest swissQprint Nyala 3S flatbed printer. A relatively small turnout showed yet again how difficult it is to get industry people to attend events in Sydney. Which is a shame, because Adriano Gut, long term swissQprint product manager who spent years working with Phil Trumble’s Pozitive in Sydney, flew over from Switzerland to make the demonstration.

Good to see him again and he confesses to still balancing hometown loyalties between there and Australia. He flies home today and I’m sure he spent his time productively meeting customers during the week.

Full marks too for Ben Murphy who allowed Pozitive to hold the event at CMP’s premises. Normally he jealously guards what goes on inside the plant, and even on Tuesday we were allowed to see the signage section, but no more.

Warren Davey

Still on the Pozitive event at CPM, I met with Warren Davey who’s now the Melbourne representative of Phil Trumble’s business. I’ve known Warren for many’s a long and noted his progress through a succession of jobs and companies, including his own. No one knows the wide format sector better. He was last with Spicers in Dandenong but left last year in a downsizing before joining Pozitive in January.

Goes to show that a good hand is never without good work. He tells me there’s another swissQprint Nyala 3S flatbed printer going into Melbourne in the near future.

Lynette Vella and Geoff Power partners in Digital Graphix.

And finally on the CMP event, I met two people who illustrated something I’ve known for a long time. For a start-up business, the best working model is a partnership. Lynette Vella and Geoff Power kicked off Digital Graphix sharing their talents and ambitions in the early years of the century. They bought the first swissQprint ever to go into Australia in 2012 and have expanded into not only printing but outfitting food franchises across Australia through their Showpiece Graphix. All in all a very successful business.

But what struck me was the enthusiasm with which he spoke about the working partnership and the level of trust and support the partners give one another. Their two families also go on holidays together.

It made me recall that to my knowledge one never has more than one business partner in their life. There’s something about the relationship that’s so special it can never be replicated.

I’m be interested if anyone can let me know of a subsequent business partnership after the first one dissolves.

Because never say never.

For something completely different, if Shanghai can, why can’t we?

Shanghai Telecom has announced the completion of its fiber network deployment program. The company now claims to lead the world by providing 10Gps throughout the citywide wireline broadband access network.

This connects nearly 20,000 communities across the city, providing 10 million households with access to a 1Gps bandwidth connection

Best speed I can discover from our NBN is 100Mps for the top price structure. Why they can do it and we can’t, I don’t know.

To celebrate the rollout, Shanghai Telecom gave users the opportunity to nominate street and lanes that embody what they termed the history and characteristics of the renowned “City by the Sea”. One thousand streets and lanes were eventually selected to be printed on the specially designed, limited-edition cans. About 40 million internet users participated in the campaign.  


And finally

A man was found murdered in a bathtub full of milk mixed with corn flakes.

The police are looking for a cereal killer.


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