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Griffin Press calculates the size of its footprint

Tuesday, 02 August 2011
By Print 21 Online Article

PMP’s book printing company has launched a carbon calculator for publishers to help make environmental decisions.
According to Ben Jolly, general manager, Griffin Press, development of the calculator is driven both by consumer demand and a desire by the company to understand its environmental position.

“The Carbon Calculator provides Griffin-specific calculations to enable our customers to reduce the footprint of manufacturing their book by calculating the number of carbon offsets that can be purchased should they choose to do so. These carbon offsets can then be purchased in the marketplace, or we can provide a quote from certified carbon offset suppliers.”

Designed with parent company PMP, the calculator takes the energy use of Griffin’s coldset web presses into consideration. It also calculates the inputs, recycling and waste management programs relevant to its SA operations.

Specialist Perenia Carbon certified the calculator for client use. A complete greenhouse gas inventory assessment of Griffin’s book printing facility was undertaken.

The Carbon Calculator provides as much detail as possible on the carbon emissions generated throughout the book manufacturing process:

  • Manufacturing of raw materials (for example, pulp and paper)
  • Manufacture of the book (not the publishing or retailing)
  • Energy consumed on site in the production of the book
  • Transport of raw materials to the production site, and transport of books and waste from the site
  • Waste disposal of excess material from the manufacturing process

The calculator was developed in line with the ISO 14040 and ISO 14064 life cycle analysis and greenhouse gas measurement standards, ensuring that all emission sources were captured.

Warren Griffin, national sales manager for Griffin Press says multiple business improvements emerged through its carbon footprint examination.

“The investigation process has led to a number of projects put forward to PMP, which has taken them on board as business improvements.

“We have reduced chemicals for improved water quality, and rebuilt our plate making process. The removal of ovens from the process in addition to lighting programs has reduced energy consumptionm” he said.

The calculator is not a complete publishing lifecycle measurement tool. It is a gauge for customers who want to know the carbon footprint of its manufacturing process.

“We expect to see an increase of customer purchases based on this information. There are also a number of publishers out there who will be looking at getting a measurement tool like this for their businesses.”

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