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Queensland guillotine gives backaches the chop

Thursday, 01 December 2016
By Jake Nelson

Staff at IPG Connect in Brendale, near Moreton Bay, Queensland, say that a Daeho 116 guillotine installed by Currie Group last year has boosted their productivity – and reduced their back pains.

The guillotine, which Currie Group delivered last November, has increased the speed of IPG’s operations by 60 percent over its old machine, which Rob Hohnke, IPG Operations Manager, attributes to the guillotine’s lifting gear. “It’s been a good machine, it’s done everything we’ve needed it to do. The machine we had prior didn’t have lifting gear on it, so with our high volume that’s made a big difference. It was more affordable to buy this machine than put lifting gear on the old one,” Hohnke said.

That’s not the only benefit the Daeho has given IPG, however. “The lifting gear means we don’t have complaints about back problems any more,” Hohnke added.

Bernie Robinson, Managing Director Currie Group.

Bernie Robinson, Managing Director Currie Group, is pleased with the Daeho guillotine and its capabilities. “It has a lifter, jogger and unloader, all totally online – so you can take your preprinted stack into the lifter, then move it to the jogger, then move it into the guillotine, then cut the job and move it into the unloader as a finished pallet,” he said.

Currie Group has sold almost 30 Daeho guillotines to customers around Australia over the past five to six years, and the machines have proven popular with both traditional printers and digital print shops. “The Daeho takes a fair weight of stock, and it’s the first of its kind in Australia. It ranges from 780mm to 2800mm, so it’s a big guillotine. We have a couple of dozen guillotines out there right now, Daeho’s great to deal with and we’re very happy to represent them,” Robinson said.

IPG Connect are big Currie customers – the company also runs HP Indigo 10000 and 7800 machines, two Shinahara colour presses, a CRON CTP unit, and Horizon folders and binders, all purchased from Currie. “The boys at IPG are a very good customer for Currie Group,” Robinson said.

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