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Heidelberg Press Conference: Seven steps for success

Tuesday, 11 March 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

It would be a sin for any printer to ignore the seven golden rules of business, says Heidelberg’s executive board member for engineering and products, Dr. Jurgen Rautert (pictured).

"We have identified seven key criteria to being successful in today’s printing industry," he said.

The criteria may be obvious to some, but for this very reason they often go ignored by others.  They include:

What a printer lacks in finesse can sometimes be achieved elsewhere, such as having the right image, Rautert said.

"I have seen many printers be successful through the right marketing even if they were average in production," he said. "Marketing is one of the major perquisites for success."

Sometimes it seems like all the corporate world hears is about helping the environment. Rautert has one message for printers who are any other colour than green: change; now.

"It is not only politically correct, but vital," he said.

There really is no excuse for it, and no reason why a printer should not aim to achieve it at all times.

"Quality is something which you should not even need to talk about," Rautert said. "Not only is it about delivering on time, but also hiring and training the right people."

This doesn’t just apply to how many jobs a printer receives, but also whether speed, run security and make ready are handled effectively.

These can include things such as perfecting cross media services.

"The difference between printing in the 90s and today comes down to the degree of transparency," he said. "You have to know your numbers."

"It’s more than just being a waiter at a restaurant," Rautert noted, "it’s a relationship."

It is worth asking yourself how closely your business meets each of these vital criteria.

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