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Heidelberg restructure has little impact on regions

Tuesday, 01 December 2009
By Print 21 Online Article

Local ANZ operation already aligned to the new HQ corporate organisation.

A vibrant $80 million services and consumables sector in the region reflects the changed business model in place in Heidelberg Australia and New Zealand. It anticipates the renewed emphasis placed on services announced in a new corporate strategic orientation from Germany.

The enhanced importance of such functions as business consultancy is recognition of the trail-blazing innovations pioneered in the local company as far back as 2002. According to Andy Vels Jensen, managing director, members of the new board of management in Heidelberg are well aware of the business models initially developed here.

“The restructure won’t have much impact on the way we do things in the regions,” he said. “We have made changes to the organisation that reflect the local market.”

The rearrangement of the management board in Germany will see the company split into the ‘Heidelberg Equipment’, ‘Heidelberg Services’, and ‘Heidelberg Financial Services’ divisions from 1 April, 2010.

Responsibility for the Heidelberg Equipment division will lie with Stephan Plenz. Marcel Kiessling will take charge of the Heidelberg Services division while CFO, Dirk Kaliebe, will look after Heidelberg Financial Services.

Starting in January 2010, the new management board will comprise CEO Bernhard Schreier (pictured); who will be in charge of the international sales network, CFO Dirk Kaliebe; Stephan Plenz and Marcel Kiessling.

Still on the move, Heidelberg relocated its Sydney office from Waterloo to the western suburbs of Lidcombe this week. A statement issued by the company claimed that new Lidcombe premises is closer to many of its customers, and like the Melbourne office, is located in the printing heart of the city.

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