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“How can we?” Women in Print steps forward

Wednesday, 23 August 2017
By Doris Prodanovic

Women in Print 2017 in Sydney

Walking into a networking event for a new industry you’ve entered is a lot like going to a party where you know no one – you’ll shuffle to find a seat, politely smile to strangers and sip your drink to fill silences. It’s before 8am and an elegant welcome to the Establishment Ballroom, a name tag and room full of energetic women completely removed any predisposition I had for the morning – welcome to Women in Print.

In its 10th year visiting cities around Australia, the Sydney breakfast opened with an insightful Q and A by Visual Connections general manager Karen Goldsmith to Kirsten Taylor, co-owner of Taylor’d Press. Discussing topics from work-life balance to strengthening the voice of women across the industry, I came to realise our common goal as attendees was not “how can I,” but rather, “how can we” become more proactive in showcasing and developing ourselves in print. With knives and forks down, the tea and coffee cooling towards the bottom of our cups, our attention turned to the stage with the answers to how we can make our influence.

Guest speaker Bernadette Schwerdt was introduced with an impressive list of titles and accomplishments, but what captivated me more was her presence and ability to hold the attention of all from start to finish of her talk. Informative yet humorous, confident yet relaxed, Schwerdt encouraged us with tips and tricks to become stronger communicators regardless of the size of our audience or topic of presentation. Hailing from all the different sectors print has to offer, there’s no doubting the women in the room walked away with a refreshing understanding of how we can continue to showcase our accomplishments, both present and future.

I came into Women in Print with my previous party presumptions and left with, not only a sense of welcome and inclusion to the print industry, but also an eagerness to learn, grow and begin to make my influence…as well as a customised, HP Indigo printed bottle of wine.

Guest speaker Bernadette Schwerdt

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