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HP Indigo Press ws4000 for label printing is here!

Monday, 06 November 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

HP has announced the official release of the HP Indigo Press ws4000, a 7-colour label press designed to cost-effectively produce short and medium runs of high-quality labels on-demand and at much higher speeds than previous models.

HP Indigo Press ws 4000

“The HP Indigo Press ws4000 represents an enormous step forward for label converters,” said Phillip Rennell, marketing manager, Current Images, the Currie Group division for HP Indigo in Australia.

“Its speed, quality and variable data capabilities allow label printers and converters to react immediately and profitably to new business trends. This is an industrial-strength machine, capable of delivering 24×7 production.”

Like the original HP Indigo Press ws2000 (formerly the Indigo Omnius WebStream), the newly launched HP Indigo Press ws4000 has an all-digital workflow that eliminates time spent on films, plates and set-up. Throughput is further enhanced with the press’s Series II print engine, which enables it to reach print speeds of 52.5 feet per minute for full colour labels or 105 feet per minute for 2-colour labels.

The HP Indigo Press ws4000 includes a variety of compatible finishing processes – from digital die cutting and UV overvarnish to cold-foil stamping. Additionally, its advanced variable data capabilities allow easy updating of text and images for each individual label. This makes it ideal for printing prices and serial numbers, as well as testing product names and designs.

“The commercial release of this high-speed label press is in keeping with HP’s new ‘Impressions’ approach to digital printing, which enables our customers to better create, communicate and connect,” said Bill McGlynn, vice president and general manager, HP Digital Publishing Solutions. “We are providing label printers a major new business opportunity to significantly increase their profitability on short to moderate runs and fast turnaround jobs.”

HP Indigo Press ws4000 around the world

According to Ralph Koopman, founder, owner and managing director of RAKO Etiketten GmbH & Co., a major German label producer that served as a European beta site for the HP Indigo Press ws4000, enhanced speed is a major advantage, as is the ability to print on a wide range of adhesive materials and flexible packaging films.
“We believe that the future – in combination with faster printing possibilities – lies in digital printing,” he said.

Altrif Label was the first company to order an HP Indigo Press ws4000, citing such advantages as exceptional colour quality as well as the ability to handle short runs and quick turnarounds. One of the largest manufacturers of self-adhesive labels in Europe, the Dutch firm has ordered two of the new presses.

“At Altrif, we try to provide our customers with the best quality product, and our existing equipment had difficulty printing more than four colours,” said F.P. Doomen, one of the Altrif Label’s directors. “The HP Indigo system’s near-offset quality and special inks that enable 7-colour printing, including special Pantone spot colours, were a compelling combination.”

Canadian label producer Imprimerie Ste-Julie, which has three HP Indigo Press ws2000’s, was the first North American beta site for the HP Indigo Press ws4000. “For us, customer satisfaction is the most important result of any investment in technology,” said Jean-Maurice Fournier, president, Imprimerie Ste-Julie. “Customers who decide to have pressure-sensitive labels printed on our HP Indigo digital colour presses are extremely pleased with the results, which they feel are more attractive and convey their messages with greater style.”

In the United States, Flexible Technologies in Orem, Utah, has been a beta site for the HP Indigo Press ws4000 since mid-August. The company currently uses an HP Indigo Press ws2000 to produce high-quality labels for customers
in the health and beauty and nutritional industries and will use the ws4000 press for the same purposes “although at a much higher production rate and with higher overall quality, which is a key issue for us,” said Maui Chai, president, Flexible Technologies.

“Our customers expect us to stay at the forefront of printing technology and the HP Indigo Press ws4000 represents our ongoing commitment to providing them with the utmost in printing flexibility,” said Chai.

For more information, contact Felicity Webb: 1800 463 446 (1800 INDIGO)

This article was brought to you by HP Indigo Press ws4000 for label printing is here!

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