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HP shifts into super wide with $300m buyout

Thursday, 18 August 2005
By Print 21 Online Article

The acquisition extends HP’s involvement with large-format printing into the digital super-wide category, complimenting its existing range of printers and digital presses. It also opens the door for a potential technology swapping between the two companies, with HP to benefit from Scitex Vision’s proprietary print head technology.

According to Peter Carrigan from GSA, the company currently responsible for distributing Scitex Vision in Australia, supply to local markets will remain unchanged following the purchase. “As far as we understand, there will be no changes from the current arrangement,” he says. “We have a signed contract to continue distribution of Scitex Vision machines, so as far as GSA is concerned it is business as usual.”

Carrigan also believes the purchase bodes well for the future of Israel-based company. “The purchase is great news for Scitex Vision, and there are certainly plenty of benefits attached to having a big brother like HP.”

HP large format vice president Enrique Lores claims the purchase strengthens his company’s position as a one-stop print provider, and will accelerate its push into the digital print market. “Wide-format signage is one of the fastest growing opportunities in the market,” he says. “Currently, 17 percent of printing in this area is done digitally and we expect that to double within the next five years.”

Scitex Vision supplies wide and super-wide format printers for signage and industrial applications, including outdoor advertising and packaging. HP has also commented on other potential areas of synergy between the two companies, which will include inkjet technology, services and support, distribution channels and the supply chain.

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