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HPA turns up the colour with massive Xerox installation

Thursday, 13 April 2006
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HPA is among the ‘big four’ mailing providers in Australia, specialising in transactional mail with an increasing presence in direct marketing. Colour and personalisation are playing an ever more important part in the services it provides, inspiring the recent commissioning of 12 Fuji Xerox DocuTech 180 HLC machines in its premises across the country’s major states.

Mario Veronese, manager of information services at HPA (pictured right), says the new machines will extend his company’s capabilities in a number of ways.

The DocuTechs can now replicate the base form of documents in the place of offset presses; spot colour can be used to dynamically highlight certain parts of the documents; and heavy use of personalisation is now possible.

“The Xerox platform has always delivered the quality that we look for, in terms of high resolution, support for multiple stocks and the ability to work effectively with the entire spectrum of print languages,” says Veronese.

“With the ability to work with spot colour in a highly personalised fashion, we’re offered the opportunity to take both our transactional work and DM production in a variety of new and exciting directions.”

Five DocuTech 180 HLC presses were installed into Victoria, three into NSW, two into Queensland and another two into WA.

There were two major considerations that led HPA to invest in the upgrade. Firstly, the DocuTech’s speed of 180 impressions per minute means the existing production flow is not slowed down. Secondly, they perform with the capacity of a true production press so they have the grunt to run off significant volumes.

“What’s most impressive about our new installations is its ability to serve both markets with the one platform,” says Veronese.

“It enhances our transactional mail offerings by allowing us to do things like highlighting important information and figures, while it also represents a major part of our concerted effort to move further into the direct mail sector.”

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