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Imported paper prices to rise again

Friday, 05 October 2018
By Wayne Robinson


Rising: paper costs

Imported printing and communication paper prices will be rising again in early 2019 according to major suppliers, says the latest Pulp and Paper Edge report.

The increase will be around 50 a tonne for some grades, and according to the report is actually overdue, given the prevailing conditions, but that doesn’t mean the new prices will be any better received.

The report also says that New Zealand’s paper and board consumption forecasts continue to point downwards over the two, five and ten year scenarios, and liquid packaging board imports are up close to 10 per cent over the last year.

According to Pulp & Paper Edge the price of Uncoated Mechanical (UCM) paper grades is set to rise around the end of the year, according to major importers, as producers seek to claw back some of the costs of increased pulp prices.

There have long been expectations of price increases for UCM grades, but unlike for the Coated Mechanical (CM) and Coated Woodfree (CWF) grades, they did not eventuate over the last year.

Other grades will also experience price increases in Europe, early in 2019, including Newsprint and Coated Mechanical grades. In Australian dollar terms, average Supercalendered UCM import prices rose just $11 a tonne over the year-ended July 2018, on a free-on-board basis.

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