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Innovation from OMET

Tuesday, 26 May 2015
By Print 21 Online Article


The new label press iFLEX

Currie Group has unveiled a new high-quality label press and an innovative sleeve press for flexible packaging – both from leading Italian manufacturer OMET.

The new label press iFLEX is dedicated to label printing and aimed at simplifying the printer’s work and increasing press efficiency.

“iFLEX fills a technology gap on today’s market as it is the ideal complement of the equipment of medium to large label converters that produce large volumes of simple labels with just-in-time deliveries,” said Marco Calcagni, OMET’s sales and marketing director. “At the same time it represents, for smaller label converters with less investment capacity, the fundamental technological resource to print any job, no matter the volume, with a very high ROI.”

iFLEX introduces the shortest web path (1.3 meters) in the field of narrow web machines, which makes it a compact press ensuring material savings in the start-up phase.

Calcagni said OMET’s new Varyflex V2 Offset is the most innovative mid-web variable-size sleeve press for flexible packaging printing. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art V2 mid-web offset print units using lightweight sleeves for easy job changeover.

The V2 Offset unit features an innovative inking group with four inking rollers on the plate, optional mixed or separate dampening and an user-friendly color management system, ensuring maximum stability during production.

“The introduction of the Revolver cart to fasten the sleeves changeover is another revolutionary idea,” said Calcagni. “When the Revolver cart is moved in proximity of the machine, the sleeves slide in and out the press with no effort and no need of hoists. Packaging printers who choose Varyflex V2 Offset could not but appreciate the press high print quality, efficiency in long runs printing at high speeds and, above all, the simplicity and rapidity of job changeover for the printing of short runs with heavy rotation.”

OMET’s new Varyflex V2 Offset



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