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Interactive print advertising bridges the media gap

Thursday, 14 September 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Forget ordinary billboards and repetitive television commercials, retail advertisements of the future will be print centric, interactive, technologically advanced, and even fun! Visitors to next week’s Retail Technology Expo will discover and trial advertising technologies of the near future with the first Australian demonstration of two revolutionary advertising forms.

Fujitsu Australia will be demonstrating steganography at the Retail Technology Expo (Melbourne Convention Centre September 19-21). Steganography, which is in the advanced stages of development, allows advertisers and retailers to embed product data – such as a company website address – into printed images so that consumers can download relevant information on to their mobile phone.

“Using steganography, advertisers can embed product information in a magazine advertisement, catalogue or billboard. If a consumer is interested in finding out more about the product which is being advertised, they can point their mobile phone at the advertised image to ‘capture’ the embedded data, for example a website address.

“The website address is automatically downloaded on to their mobile phone where they can find out how much the product costs, what colours it comes in and stockist information. Ultimately, consumers will be able to purchase the product directly using their mobile phone,” said Conway Kosi, retail industry director, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand.

This will be the first time Fujitsu is displaying steganography in Australia, and Fujitsu staff will be offering demonstrations to visitors to their stand at the Retail Technology Expo next week.

Visitors to the Retail Technology Expo will also preview a second groundbreaking advertising technology – Interactive Floors from web-based technology supplier Interactivity – which will soon revolutionise shopping centre advertising.

Interactive Floors are vivid visual experiences, where moving images projected onto the floor appear to spontaneous ‘react’ and move in response to proximate human movements. Shoppers of the future will marvel as a school of fish swimming in circles on the floor immediately splashes and swims away as a shopper approaches or stands on the fish, revealing an advertising message underneath. Children will be entertained by the magical footprints which will appear on the screen as they run over the image.

Interactive Floors rely on high brightness projectors to throw a screen-saver-like moving image over the top of a two-dimensional printed advertisement. Interactive software and a moving sensor then detect human movement and the image responds accordingly.

Not only is this innovative advertising form entertaining for shoppers, it has also proven successful for communicating advertising messages.

“Interactive Floors are completely new to Australia, and are currently available in the US, Japan and Singapore. Research shows interactive advertising forms, such as Interactive Floors, are 10 times more effective for selling products than traditional signage in shopping centres,” said Dale Manton, Managing Director, Interactivity.

Soon to hit shopping centres around the country, visitors at the Retail Technology Expo will enjoy a sneak preview of Interactive Floors in operation on a 4.5m x 3.5m screen at the Expo entrance.

If you would like to receive via email a small (1mb) gif file demonstrating the Interactive Floor technology, contact Mandy Higgins

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