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Investing in your business future

Wednesday, 19 March 2008
By Print 21 Online Article
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Are you serious about the future of your business, asks Terry Gallagher, managing director of Quote & Print Solutions.

If the answer to that is yes, then the next question is: Are you fully online with Internet pricing and ordering services for your customers?

If not, why not?  Are there any good reasons to be starting tomorrow trailing behind your competitors?

Some of our Quote & Print customers don’t want me to tell you this:
They are doing really well by providing our QPONLINE Internet pricing and ordering services to their customers.

And some of your former customers have probably become their customers in recent times. Our range of QPONLINE Internet modules can help you to build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Today, there is more and more corporate and government work going to tender and contract.  These tenders usually require you to provide an Internet Ordering and Print Management solution as part of your service.

The new QPONLINE software modules offer more flexible solutions to meet the needs of your customers and prospects, and assist you to win contracts.

One of the factors to put you above the pack and be successful with tenders is often this:
When you already have existing customers live with Internet Ordering you have more credibility to win another tender.

We want to help all our customers to improve their businesses, so I urge you to invest in your business future with QPONLINE.

Our Internet solutions are part of your integrated Management Information System (MIS) and they enable real-time integration with your customers’ orders.  This is much more than just a "shopping cart" approach could provide.
The QPONLINE suite includes modules for:
* Internet Print Ordering and Management
* Personalised Stationery
* On Demand Quoting and Printing
* Internet Production Tracking

We can assist you with a demo Internet Ordering site and with a third-party software lease if needed.

Instead of thinking of reasons to procrastinate further, how about investing in your business future with Quote & Print’s Internet Solutions?

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