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iQsmart Scanners – Sharper. Faster. Smarter.

Monday, 12 February 2007
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Creo’s latest technology, iQsmart™ scanners, is setting new standards for versatile, high-resolution, high-productivity scanning. The family of compact iQsmart scanners provides a combination of consistently sharp images, automation and ultra high-productivity to streamline and accelerate your scanning workflow.

Featuring a range of smart and advanced scanning technologies, iQsmart meets the challenging needs of today’s imaging professionals at an affordable price. Sharper, faster and smarter, iQsmart scanners are designed to be the imaging center of a growing graphics business.

The iQsmart Scanners

iQsmart2 Scanner – quality, flexibility and automation at a breakthrough price

iQsmart2 is the scanning solution for imaging professionals who need an efficient, productive scanner, with high quality, advanced features, and day-in, day-out reliability. Surpassing any other scanner in its price range, the iQsmart2 features XY Stitch scanning technology and the Inverted CCD to give you fine, sharp, detailed scans from any kind of original. With the combination of an iQsmart2 scanner and oXYgen Lite * scanning application, anyone can have complete control over the scanning process and create innovative, high quality scans with the highest professional standards.

iQsmart3 Scanner – quality, versatility, speed and automation

Top of the iQsmart line, the iQsmart3 scanner is geared for professionals requiring top quality results within an efficient, versatile workflow. In addition to the cutting edge technologies that denote the iQsmart family—XY Stitch technology, Inverted CCD and true 16-bit color—the iQsmart3 offers the highest resolution, a larger scanning bed and the Scan Once, Output Many (SOOM) workflow. Productivity can be extended with offline image processing via the optional oXYgen Open software**. The optional oXYgen DOT Solution brings superior copydot scanning to the iQsmart3. The scanner also uses the Oil Mounting Station technology***.
There is no other scanning solution in its price range that comes close to the iQsmart3 in versatility, quality and consistency.

Creo XY Stitch scanning technology

XY Stitch scanning technology delivers consistent sharpness and resolution with every scan. Based on XY Stitch scanning technology—the industry benchmark for uniform precision and sharpness—iQsmart scanners scan any size original at the highest resolution across the entire scanning bed. Moving on both x and y axes, the scan head is positioned directly below the center of each original. This assures consistent sharpness and resolution regardless of where the original is placed on the scanning area. XY Stitch gives you the creative freedom to produce poster-sized scans, with no reduction in image quality.

Inverted CCD – increases scan quality and productivity

iQsmart scanners virtually eliminate a major source of image degradation, with the Creo Inverted CCD—an innovative and uniquely mounted CCD that prevents fine dust particles from settling on the CCD surface. The Inverted CCD dramatically improves scanning performance, reduces the time wasted on rescanning originals, retouching scans, and cuts service requirements. The combination of XY Stitch and the Inverted CCD provide consistent quality through shaper and cleaner images.

Parallel workflow maximizes your productivity potential

Despite their compact size, iQsmart scanners are built for maximum productivity and a demanding workload. You can scan up to 56, 35mm slides in one job, and run up to 40 scans an hour. iQsmart3 parallel workflow means virtually no “dead time” lost to setup: while the scanner captures and processes one scan, the operator has full access to the scanning software to preview and set up the next scan. Easy operation means everyone gets top-quality scanning results from day one.

iQsmart intelligence and automation mean speed and efficiency

iQsmart scanners are packed with advanced, intelligent features that make them faster and simpler to use, for everyone from trained professionals to novices. Once originals are placed on the scanner, the oXYgen scanning application automatically identifies and previews the size and appropriate cropping area of the image. Intuitive, easy-to-understand presets give you professional results quickly—you determine the scan’s intended use, and the software sets the parameters accordingly.

Vibrant 16-bit color and high dynamic range bring your images to life

iQsmart scanners meet all professional scanning needs for high image density and vivid color. Featuring complete flexibility in image size, thickness, material and format, iQsmart scanners accommodate outsize enlargements, books, packages and more, with outstanding results. Scan for all types of workflows and output devices, including true 16-bit color, CMYK, RGB, and online applications. Thanks to ICC color management, you get consistent color across the workflow, offering complete predictability. ICC output profiling enables you to preview the scan results on the output device, fine-tune the scan to perfectly meet your needs and get the results you want—first time and every time.

* oXYgen Lite
Powerful scanning application for professional results.
oXYgen Lite provides the full set of professional scanning and image editing tools that are found in the premium oXYgen software— including advanced image creation, editing, ICC color management and automation. oXYgen Lite does not include the 16-bit digital transparency (DT) and SOOM workflow that are included with the comprehensive oXYgen application.

** oXYgen scanning application
Powerful, flexible and easy to use oXYgen is the premium scanning and image-editing application from Creo, developed to deliver maximum productivity and imaging potential. Its intuitive controls, automation and intelligent default settings put imaging power in the hands of novices and experienced professionals alike. oXYgen quickly and effortlessly guides operators through the process of creating sharp, dynamic images from the broadest variety of input sources, for the largest selection of output requirements.
oXYgen Open application increase productivity with offline workstations (for iQsmart3 only).
oXYgen DOT Solution professional-quality copydot scanning (for iQsmart3 only).

*** Oil Mounting Station
Offline oil mounting is used for enhancing productivity and image quality. Preserve the quality of your scanned images with the Oil Mounting Station for Creo flatbed scanners. Bathing film in scanning oil conceals cracks and scratches, and is recommended for images that will be enlarged by 800% or more. Using the Oil Mounting Station saves retouching time and operational costs while reducing the apparent grain of the original image. To increase productivity, originals are mounted offline without interrupting scanner operation.

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