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Issue 711 – June 3 2015

We’ve moved beyond the 80/20 rule in the printing industry. While figures are always hard to come by, the ongoing consolidation of the industry means that at least 90 percent of all print is produced by less than 10 percent of the companies in operation. In fact, according to a well-informed industry type I spoke with last week, the real figure is closer to 95/5. It makes sense; while printing volumes have held up fairly well margins have come under ferocious pressure. It just doesn’t pay small-to-medium printers to print long runs anymore, even when they’re available.

We’re now in a manufacturing industry, not a craft-based one and big printers will continue to gain market share. Smaller printers, who make up the vast majority of the industry, need to provide something other than printing to make a good living.

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Patrick Howard
Publishing Editor